Home for the Holidays

The home is more than the structure of which it is made. It’s the memories that are held in our hearts forever; growing families, holiday traditions and laughter.

If anyone knows the importance of home, it is Dorothy. Dorothy is a true rarity, a born-and-raised Calgarian, she has lived in her home since 1960.

While Dorothy’s house doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of young kids running through the halls anymore, you can still feel the warmth of family inside. Her walls are decorated with her memories; trophies, letters, and hand-drawn pictures. Not only does she have pictures of her daughter, but she has snap shots of her grandchildren through the years, as they grow from young students to high school graduates to parents of their own families.

Even without her family at her side, Dorothy is still quite active. You can probably find her out at the nearby bowling alley, doing some 10-pin bowling. Something she’s been doing since the 1940’s. When she’s not bowling strikes, Dorothy will be spending her time on her other favourite hobby, puzzles. She can spend hours a day keeping her mind sharp by meticulously piecing together thousands of puzzle pieces.

Recently, Dorothy noticed things were becoming a bit more difficult at home. Despite being very active, she was having a tough time eating well. “I noticed that my health was starting go downhill,” she recalled. Dorothy noticed she was losing a drastic amount of weight. Part of this could be attributed to the fact that Dorothy began using a walker when she went out for errands, and it was making some tasks a bit more challenging. Grocery shopping and cooking are a lot harder when your mobility has been reduced, as a result Dorothy was not able to eat as well as she would have liked.

This realisation can be devastating, what are the steps to take care of yourself? For some, it is the sign to move into an assisted care centre. For Dorothy, not ready to give up the place she calls home, it was a sign for her to call Calgary Meals on Wheels.Thankfully she did! At the age of 99, Dorothy has seen a dramatic change in her health and lifestyle.

”It’s made a difference. I am able to keep up a healthy weight and the things I like to do.”

With the help of Calgary Meals on Wheels; the 10-pin bowling champ, puzzle phenom and great grandmother continues to live independently in her home.

With your donation this Holiday Season, we can help people like Dorothy stay home for the holidays and remain surrounded by the memories and family they cherish.

Please donate today.