The Great Pie Chuck-N-Chomp


On June 24, we proudly partnered with Pie Cloud in presenting The Great Pie Chuck-N-Chomp! This old fashioned, charming, and messy event featured community members who participated in the Chuck [pie toss] or the Chomp [pie eating] features of the day. Spokesperson Dave Kelly welcomed guests and participants, who for the day were dubbed “Pie Chuckees” and “Pie Chompers”.

These folks each fundraised the event!

We gathered together in Kensington Village at Pie Cloud’s outdoor patio space, where we  set the stage and met Maureen de Patie, owner of Pie Cloud who was prepared for our day’s activities with cream pies for chucking and blueberry pies for chomping! We were joined by our Calgary Meals on Wheels staff and two of our wonderful volunteers Joyce & Ed who were helping us out for the day.

At 11 am we began with our first event – the Pie Chuck! Calgary Meals on Wheels' very own Executive Director, Janice Curtis was the first Pie Chuckee on stage. She was pied by a staff driver Frank, who won the Pie Tossing rights through a staff draw! Janice was joined by her fellow Pie Chuckees, including the current title holders of Miss Calgary, Bailee Simonin; Junior Miss Calgary, Jessica Churchill; and Little Miss Calgary, Marigold Mioc. The girls got their crowns messy, as each took the seat of Pie Chuckee. Junior Miss Calgary did an amazing job fundraising, collecting over $2200 for Calgary Meals on Wheels! After being pied, these ladies acted as our Pie Tossers for many Pie Chuckees awaiting their pie. An awesome job from the ladies of Patti Falconer Agencies!

Our first year of veteran Pie Chuckees also included: Councilman Sean Chu,  Assistant Fire Chief Greg Wilkes, Calgary Police Constable Scott McAllum, The Executive Director of Alberta Beef Rich Smith, Goodwill Carlos of Kool 101.5 FM, Deb Matejicka of The Weather Network, Donna McTaggart of Social Media Breakfast,  Bryce Lokken of Better Giving, Derek Krivak from the Brakemen Foundation, and Richelle Kenn the Events Coordinator from Calgary Meals on Wheels.  The Chuck was filled with laughs and a HUGE mess of pie!

Next up was the Chomp!  It was an amazing showdown between the Calgary Police Service's Pie Chomping Unit, The Calgary Fire Dept.'s Pie-er Fighters and Mrs. Calgary Kimberley Ford. Pie Chompers had only 10 minutes to try and eat an entire 10” pie, weighing over 3 lbs! The crowd cheered on as these brave pie warriors chomped into their pies with their hands bound. As the stopwatch hit the 10 minute mark the blueberry marked faces stopped eating and it was time to weigh the results. Our Pie Chomp Champion was Cst. Scott McCallum of the CPS's Pie Chomping Unit after eating more than 2lb of blueberry pie!

Thanks to our amazing community members, we surpassed our goal of $3,000 for this year’s event, raising more than $5,600 in our first year of the Great Pie Chuck-N-Chomp! All the funds raised help us to contribute to Calgary Meals on Wheel’s mission to provide nutrition and independence to our all of the Calgarians who are in need of our services.

Thank you to all of our participants, their supporters and to Pie Cloud for partnering in this awesome event. We can’t wait for 2017!

More photos of the event can be viewed here