This is Marjorie's Story

48-year old Marjorie perfectly represents how unexpected circumstances can create a need in one’s life they could not have imagined.

In her youth, Marjorie received honors in college, and was a passionate public speaker.  Life was turning out to be everything she’d hoped it could be, as soon after, she married the man of her dreams.

But as a young wife and mother of two, Marjorie began experiencing a sudden decline in her health, and was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly thereafter.  Chemotherapy treatment brought about the usual negative effects, but sadly, Marjorie also experienced profound hearing loss.

And later…it was determined that the original cancer diagnosis had been in error.

Over the years that followed, Marjorie’s health continued to deteriorate due to the residual effects of chemotherapy, and its impact on her immune system.  She became increasingly disillusioned with the lack of supports available to her, and began to experience a devastating battle with depression.  The man of her dreams left her behind, and she was thrown into the new role of “single mother”.  Unable to work, she relied on government assistance in order to attend to the basic needs of her and her children. 

When speaking of this period of her life, she said that it “took a piece out of her.”

As years passed, things began to turn a corner, and she was able to return to her cherished work as a librarian, on an on-call basis.  But on an icy day this past January, she was one of the many people who had the misfortune of a fall.  Marjorie found herself in a cast, and was, once again, unable to participate in her everyday routines—and she could feel the all-too-familiar gloom of days past, begin to creep back into her life.   

It was at this point that she was referred to Calgary Meals on Wheels through a medical professional.

Marjorie is happy to report that her life, although still fraught with hardship, is looking up.  She describes how she wishes she had known that this kind of help was available to her much sooner, due to the positive impact it has provided….and how the need for universal accessibility to nutritious food is now glaringly evident to her.  She has been able to use our services when she needs them, while tending to things on her own when she does not – but throughout her experiences with Meals on Wheels, she notes the powerful connection between our program, and her ability to live her life with as much autonomy as possible.

She likens a delivery from a Meals on Wheels volunteer to “receiving food from one’s family”.  She says that it gives her something to look forward to - and that with healthy meals always within arms’ reach, she no longer defaults to instant options.  She proudly states that she is even eating vegetables these days, and that she’s profoundly grateful that we are able to accommodate her evolving dietary needs.

Marjorie is proud to represent the thousands of Calgarians whose circumstances have left them feeling abandoned. 

We are so proud to say that our meals have provided her a home.