Happy Retirement to Four Amazing People!


It's always bittersweet when we say farewell to members of the Calgary Meals on Wheels family! This past June, we wished a happy retirement to four amazing people – Hideko, Claudette, Frank and Jack. Here's just a little bit about each of them as they move into the next exciting phase of their lives!


Since graduating school  in  Hamamatsu,  Japan  and  emigrating  to  Canada  in  1971,  Hideko has always possessed a sweet disposition as a caring mother, loving grandmother and peanut butter-loving  team  member. After 13 years, Hideko Koizumi retired from Calgary Meals on Wheels on June 29, 2018.

“I would like to stay longer, but I’m also getting older,” Hideko said. Hideko’s two young grandsons will undoubtedly benefit from more time with their grandmother. She has plans to take them on summer hikes and teach them fundamental skills like cooking and cleaning. She is also excitedly expecting to welcome another grandchild to her family this summer!

Thank you for everything, Hideko!


Claudette  Martin-Duff  began  volunteering  with  Calgary  Meals  on  Wheels  in  2010  and  frequently  accompanied her husband, Frank, on delivery routes supporting the health of many vulnerable Calgarians.“[Calgary Meals on Wheels] does an incredible job for the community and the city. I was very excited when we started taking on schools and providing meals to children who had not had any. To me, that is probably the most important thing that we do here because the children have to be fed,” Claudette said.

On June 22, 2018, Claudette retired after eight years and admitted it was a very hard decision. Looking forward,  Claudette  and  Frank  have  numerous  expeditions planned. This summer, the couple departed on an Alaskan cruise before returning to Canmore for a long-overdue family reunion. Salt Spring Island, Kamloops and Kelowna await the couple’s arrival later this summer.

Thanks for everything Claudette!

Frank and Jack

Two long-term drivers with Calgary Meals on Wheels are now off enjoying some well-deserved retirement! Frank Duff and Jack Falk completed their last routes on June 15 and June 22, respectively.

Frank has been with Calgary Meals on Wheels for more than 10 years. He said he has a busy summer planned, but that he hopes to volunteer with Calgary Meals on Wheels in the future.

"I have worked in many jobs in my life and the management and staff (at Calgary Meals on Wheels) are the best of any," Frank said. "The care and concern of all is inspiring."

Prior to joining Calgary Meals on Wheels, Jack worked in sales and law enforcement. Jack plans to travel in his retirement, work on his model train layout, play the organ and maybe even read a novel or two. He said the genuine, heartfelt appreciation by clients was the best part of the entire experience. "You're leaving part of yourself behind," Jack said.

Enjoy retirement, Frank & Jack!