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There have been big changes to the Calgary Meals on Wheels Volunteer Department recently. To support the growth of our organization, we are thrilled to welcome Taylor Burke to the team! Taylor is not new to Calgary Meals on Wheels as she has worked in other roles, including the Finance Department. Recently, she spent seven weeks travelling around Asia including Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong! Her focus for the next year will be to intake all new volunteers and assist them through the application process.

Additionally, we will soon have a very young volunteer! In October, Ashley, our South Program Coordinator, will be welcoming her second child. We are very excited for Ashley and can not wait to meet the newest addition.

Speaking of changes, some of you will notice a change to our North Program Coordinator’s last name! As of August, Samantha Richardson will become Mrs. Samantha Spencer when she ties the knot with her fiancé! Sam will be taking a few weeks off in August to prep for her wedding and for a well-deserved rest.

To learn more about the whole team explore their bios below!


Desiree Naylor - Volunteer Manager

For three and a half years Desiree Naylor has been Calgary Meals on Wheels Volunteer Manager. In her teenage years, Desiree worked as a tour guide for a miniature western themed farm. Desiree then moved to Calgary to attend Mount Royal University where she graduated with a Child Studies degree, a Justice Studies degree, and a Children’s Mental Health certificate. After graduating, Desiree worked with children, families, and volunteers making her the ideal candidate for the position. Today, Desiree enjoys her chaotic work schedule managing the Volunteer Department saying, “It’s great, no two days are ever the same.” For Desiree, what makes the hard work worth while is seeing the dedication of our volunteers. She says, “I’ve heard so many amazing stories of volunteers going above and beyond, like plunging client’s toilets or delivering meals on bikes. Their commitment is what motivates me each and every day.” When she’s not busy with work Desiree likes to camp, scrapbook, and be with her family. Despite her full plate, Desiree constantly ensures the Volunteer Department is running smoothly allowing Calgary Meals on Wheels to not miss a single scheduled day of delivery.

In three words or less what does Calgary Meals on Wheels mean to you? 

Giving back independence.

What do you want the public to know about Calgary Meals on Wheels? 

That we truly live by the More than a Meal initiative. Everyone in our organization, especially the volunteers, truly care. Whether it’s our volunteers check-in on the clients, sending flowers, or birthday gifts, Calgary Meals on Wheels really wants to improve the lives of our clients.

Ashley Cotton - South Program Coordinator

Since November of 2016 Ashley Cotton has worked as Calgary Meals on Wheels South Program Coordinator. Graduating with a Sociology and Criminology degree from St. Mary’s, in Halifax, Ashley moved to Calgary to purse a degree in Social Work. After a year and a half of schooling she moved to Barcelona Spain to work as a nanny, and then returned to Calgary in 2009. Ashley has always enjoyed working with volunteers so when she saw the open position at Calgary Meals on Wheels she thought it was a natural fit for her personality and experience. As she learned more about our organization, Ashley recalls being incredibly impressed over how each meal is made in house and how efficient everything runs. She recalled, “I was in awe over the whole organization and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone is so passionate and happy.” But by far Ashley’s favourite part of the job is getting to work with the volunteers. She says, “Our volunteers are completely amazing. Due to the size of Calgary Meals on Wheels there’s a lot to do and we need lots of help, but without fail our volunteers step up and get the job done. Our volunteers are so dedicated and they are always happy to help, it’s incredible.” It is easy to see that Ashley loves her job, but when she’s not busy working she likes to play with her 19-month-old daughter, Olivia, scrapbook, and travel. In October Ashley will be welcoming her son into the world, making him the newest (and youngest) member of the Calgary Meals on Wheels team.

In three words or less what does Calgary Meals on Wheels mean to you? 

Dedicated and caring.

What do you want the public to know about Calgary Meals on Wheels? 

That we can always use more volunteers!

Sam Richardson - North Program Coordinator

Before coming to Calgary Meals on Wheels, Sam Richardson attended the University of Lethbridge where she graduated with a degree in Drama. It was here, while working as the universities event planner, that Sam decided that she wanted to pursue a career in coordination. For the past year Sam has been part of our Volunteer Department working as the North Program Coordinator. Sam says, “Working at Calgary Meals on Wheels has far exceeded my expectations. The fast-paced environment, along with the rewarding work, gives the job meaning and makes work a very enjoyable place to be.” Additionally, Sam’s favourite part about working at Calgary Meals on Wheels is speaking with our volunteers. This is easy to see because each time you walk by her office you can hear her on the phone with a volunteer, cracking jokes and having a great time. She says, “It’s amazing to see how dedicated they are, and it inspires me want to work even harder.” In her free time, you can find Sam renovating her house, going to the gym, or planning her upcoming wedding. Sam is a valuable member of the Calgary Meals on Wheels team whose commitment and hard work ensures our daily success.

In three words or less what does Calgary Meals on Wheels mean to you? 

Nutritious and delicious.

What do you want the public to know about Calgary Meals on Wheels? 

That we serve more than just seniors and that our key lime cookies are “the bomb.”

Taylor Burke - Intake and Engagement Coordinator

Taylor has worked with Calgary Meals on Wheels on and off for the past two and a half years. You may recognize her from our Finance Department where she worked back in 2015, before returning to school to pursue an Interior Decorating Diploma. Recently, Taylor, along with her boyfriend, spent seven weeks travelling Asia visiting Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Currently, she is completing her final year at Bow Valley College while also working with our Volunteer Department as our new Intake and Engagement Coordinator. In her spare time Taylor enjoys hanging out with her large family (she has nine siblings!), going for hikes with her four-year-old pit bull Mary, or watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix with her boyfriend. She says, “I’ve always had an amazing experience working at Calgary Meals on Wheels. Everyone involved in the organization, whether it’s the staff, volunteers, or clients are always so positive which makes it a truly wonderful place to work.” Taylor is extremely excited to be part of the Calgary Meals on Wheels team once again, and we are happy to have her back.

In three words or less what does Calgary Meals on Wheels mean to you? 


What do you want the public to know about Calgary Meals on Wheels? 

That we are in this new, state of the art, facility and that we have completely paid off the mortgage on it.

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