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Hot Soup Program

Imagine what it would it be like to be a young child arriving at school with no lunch, probably having had no breakfast? How do you focus on learning when you are hungry?

Unfortunately this is a reality in our community as more and more Calgary children are unable to bring a lunch to school. Since 2000, in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Meals on Wheels has been working to change this reality. Twice a week Calgary Meals on Wheels delivers a nutritious hot soup lunch to elementary schools with vulnerable students at no cost to the students or the schools. Many of the children participating in the Hot Soup Program face difficult personal life situations, poor nourishment and family stresses. The Hot Soup Program ensures children will have a lunch giving them the energy required to concentrate and learn.

As this program is 100% funded by community support, we are continually seeking funding to support the maintenance and growth of this program and to enable these children to better learn, feel stronger and reach their full potential. Thank you for your interest in helping us start the school year on a positive note by ensuring these children will not go hungry.

We currently have 16 schools participating in this program for the 2019 school year.


Community Partnerships

Calgary Meals on Wheels is proud to work with a variety of community organizations, providing nutritious and affordable meals through our Group Meal Program.

Alpha House 
Funded by United Way of Calgary and Area, we provide 60 supper meals for six days a week to two Alpha House residences. This partnership serves individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies. The Group Meals allow these individuals to focus on their road to recovery.

Calgary Police Service
As one of the partner agencies involved with the Integrated School Support Project, we provide approximately 250 breakfasts and more than 425 lunches each week to two elementary schools.

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) 
We provide frozen meals, entrees, baked goods, and soups to augment “meals on wheels” activity in surrounding areas. Currently we work with FCSS in Cochrane, Strathmore, and Wheatland County.

We work with Parent Councils to provide Group Meals to schools without sufficient kitchen or staff resources.

If you wish to place an order for a Group Meal for your event, school, or group, please contact us HERE for more information.


We also have a number of schools, agencies, and senior residences who call upon our Group Meal Program for one-time events and gatherings throughout the year, including: